I spent this past weekend deep in enemy territory relating to the Dolphins-Jets rivalry.   Actually, my family and I were visiting with my parents and brothers and their families in New Jersey.  I spent much of the early part yesterday’s NFL schedule at my brother’s home in Bloomfield, New Jersey which is in earshot of Met Life Stadium.

OK, so I may have come off a little dramatic with this opening since my brother and nephew are actually Giants fans.  Part of the mystique that is the rivalry between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets is that it is something of a family squabble. Almost everyone in the New York area knows, or is related to, someone in South Florida, and vice-versa.

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The heated rivalry between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets is the NFL’s version of a family squabble.


I will spare everyone of my opinion regarding the National Anthem, although the undertone throughout yesterday’s schedule stemmed from President Trump’s remarks on Friday night.  Some say it presented a distraction to some players yesterday, whether or not that is the case it made for an epic Sunday.

The weekend actually began with a shootout between another set of rivals.  With the Rams returning to Los Angeles last year, the battle of California and the NFC West was reborn.  The Rams and 49ers played a dramatic game on Thursday night that was a failed two point conversion away from a 41-41 score headed for overtime.  The Rams 41-39 victory in the Bay Area was just the beginning.


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The re-relocation of the Rams to Los Angeles has re-ignited the Rams-49ers rivalry.


While my family was visiting in the shadows of Met Life Stadium, my brother and sister-in-law invited my family and parents for lunch yesterday.  The 1:00 games made for some interesting lunch table conversation.

First and foremost on the minds of myself, my wife, and my daughter, was the events taking place inside Met Life Stadium.  As we passed the stadium along New Jersey’s Route 3, we were following the events on our cell phones.  In the time it took to get basically from one side of the Meadowlands Sports Complex to the other, the Jets had taken a 17-0 lead.  The Dolphins would never recover.

The game between the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions ended on a controversial call.


Our family has represented the likes of the Giants, Jets and Dolphins for years.  My dad is a fan of both teams, but primarily gravitated to Gang Green.  My older brother, who hosted yesterday’ proceedings, and my nephew are Giants fans.  As for myself and my family the Dolphins are king and the Giants are the prince.  Last year, when we welcomed our son-in-law to our family, the Detroit Lions entered the mix.  Matt was raised in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan, and has Lions blue in his veins.

While the Jets were beating up on the Dolphins, the conversation at the lunch table turned to the Giants battle with the Eagles in Philadelphia, and the Lions-Falcons game in Detroit.  The Lions seemingly had the go-ahead touchdown when Matthew Stafford completed a pass to Golden Tate.  The football appeared to break the plane of the end zone, but upon further review the touchdown was overturned.  The ending to the Lions game was the topic of conversation well into our flight back to Fort Lauderdale.  Matt’s father didn’t even want to discuss the turn of events that cost Detroit a win.

Then there was the Giants, oh boy, the Giants.  This one I witnessed for myself while watching on the TV in the kitchen.  Total mismanagement of the final two minutes and two time outs ended the latest Big Blue debacle.  Why were they running when they should be doing out-patterns?  Why did 20 seconds run off the clock without a timeout being called?  Why wasn’t a time out called at all???    The agonizing end of the game culminated with a Jake Elliott 61 yard field goal.  It was a meltdown almost of Joe Pisarcik proportions.

The day culminated with an interesting scene inside Terminal A at Newark Airport.  It turns out that I wasn’t the only one wearing Dolphins colors.  In fact, there were more travelers wearing Dolphins gear than Jets and Giants jerseys.  While I was waiting on-line to sit down at a restaurant while waiting to board my flight, I felt a strong pat on the back.  It was a random Jets fan who said something to the effect of “Bad game for you guys.”  I countered by saying, enjoy it, it could be your only win this year!

It all returns to the family squabble that is the Jets and Dolphins.


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