It’s been three weeks since we last talked baseball.  Part 2 of a football preview and Hurricane Irma put America’s pastime on the back burner.  Miss three weeks, you miss a lot!

Since we last talked baseball, the Indians won 22 in a row, and the Dodgers lost 11 straight.  The Dodgers have cooled off for the first time since June and have gone 5-16 since my last baseball blog.


Image result for Cleveland Indians win 22 straight

The Cleveland Indians set a modern-day record with a 22 game winning streak.


Since we last spoke, the Indians have clinched the American League Central, the Astros rebounded from Hurricane Harvey and clinched the American League West.  The Washington Nationals sewed up the National League East, and those Dodgers, despite their recent skid have nailed down a playoff spot.  The Dodgers magic number now stands at one.  They have failed in two attempts this week to clinch the National League West.

The American League East race could add yet another chapter in the fabled Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.  As of this writing, Boston leads the Yankees by 2 1/2 games.  The Sox still have eleven games to play,  New York has ten contests remaining.  They have already concluded their season series.  The Yankees  hold a comfortable seven game cushion in the American League Wild Card race.

Image result for Yankees vs Red Sox

The Yankees and Red Sox are looking at another epic battle for the American League Eastern Division Championship.


About that American League Wild Card race, the Yankees (or Red Sox) will win the fist Wild Card, past that it remains a free for all!  As of this writing, the Minnesota Twins are clinging to a one game lead over the Angels.  A total of FOUR games seperate those Angels and the Baltimore Orioles.  The  Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Rays stand in between the Angels and O’s.  As the late voice of the New York Mets, Bob Murphy used to say “fasten your seat belts!”

The Milwaukee Brewers refuse to fold.  The Brew Crew has been hanging around both the National League Central and National League Wild Card races all year.  With eleven games remaining, Milwaukee trails the defending World Champions Cubs by 3 1/2 games in the Central race.  The Brewers are also 1 game behind the equally surprising Colorado Rockies for the second Wild Card spot.  The Arizona Diamondbacks consistent lead in the NL Wild Card race was also unexpected.


Image result for 2017 Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers are still hanging around in the National League playoff hunt.


So here we are on September 20th with 3 divisions still undecided, a number of possibilities in the American League Wild Card chase, and a playoff appearance from two of three surprise teams in the National League.

Oh, and Giancarlo Stanton is now sitting on 56 home runs.

I will be back next Wednesday, barring any natural disasters.  It should be an interesting week in the 2017 pennant chase.


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