Time For An American Intermission

Like many Americans I have spent the past two weeks with my eyes glued to the coverage of the 2016 political conventions.  I’ve spent countless hours watching CNN and reading posts and rhetoric on social media.

We have become a country split in more than the usual Republicans and Democrats. We’ve become Clintonists, Trumpites, Sandersonians and Cruzians.  Everyone has chimed in on Facebook and Twitter while contributing to, at times, to nasty bickering in the name of American Politics.

When the first soccer game kicks off on Wednesday in Rio it will begin the Great American Timeout.  The 2016 Summer Olympics will unofficially begin since the soccer competition will run longer than the other events.  Friday night will bring the Opening Ceremony, the Parade Of Nations and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron.

When the American contingent enters the Rio Olympic Stadium we will all be cheering them on.  Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, for Hillary or for Donald it wont matter, you will be rooting for America.

We will be united through basketball and gymnastics, track and field and women’s soccer.  Instead of talking about, and tweeting about, Russians hacking emails the conversation will be about the Russian doping crisis.

For a little over two weeks the political bickering and even the professional sport needling will be put on hold in this great nation we call America.  For ten days our women’s soccer team takes center stage, so does Michael Phelps and so does our men’s and women’s basketball squads.  Carmelo Anthony won’t belong to the New York Knicks, Kevin Durant won’t belong to the Golden State Warriors.  The Durant hating in Oklahoma City will even be put on hold.  We will be rooting for America as a nation!

So beginning this Wednesday turn off CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC, turn your attention to NBC and it’s community of networks.  Let The Games begin and let the great American intermission from politics begin.  Trust me Hillary and Donald will still be here after the flame goes out.




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